Friday, August 6, 2010

To Liberate Women of the Muslim World

Right, the author said that ! To the pertinent question of "western wars are meant to 'liberate' Muslim women" the remotest notion of thought. The cultural and traditional differences are too vast to even have a glimpse of change.

Putting western liberated values for their evolved through the times and the modern world of western practice of women equality brought about the so-called liberisation. But what price they paid for the decadence of social norms and family values..the wide spread practice of promiscuous sex, pre-marital sex., illicit sex, resulting in single parent and children without the warm of a two parent-family bond.

You do not need 'western wars' to liberate Muslim women. Government of the Muslim world practises egoistic chavinism and men are always the dominant figure. The mindset of the Islamic world should view
the liberation of their women for equal rights and equal apportunity in a gradual transformation. Only by this move, Muslim society will progress in tandem with the world at large. Tradition and culture are man-made.
Conservatism in a modern world will retard the countries' move forward.

"Men are not creature of circumstances, circumstances are the creatures of men" - Benjamin Disraeli..

Circumstances in the form of tradition, cultural practice and a strong resistant to change will stagnatise the world of liberated women......Western wars will not.

Patrick Lee Song Juan