Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Defiant Old Patriarch

Thank you Wilson to notify me on your article Flood. Only able to read just. Rather busy today. I will give my 0.02 cents worth.

LKY in 2006, after the win in the general elections was so cocky that he belittled the opposition not able to come up with 84 candidates to contest in the election.

Let me put it to you with due respect MM LKY, abolish the GRC system and convert each constituency back to single wards and we will shut your mouth for good to see how the opposition can perform. GRC is PAP's only lifeline to hold on to power. We, the citizens and Opposition challenged you to revert to SMC and see who will have the last laugh.

If a government rules for 50 years and unable to deliver progressively, do you still think that you can survive that long ? Any opposition given the time frame of half a century would do as PAP did. There is nothing to crow about. LKY said that PAP makes promises and deliver. Opposition cannot deliver. How can opposition deliver anything when good and upcoming Oppositions are sued for no valid reason but on the basis of political rally and bankrupted or banished into exile. I will not mention the names of the victims. All S'poreans knew and know and will never forget the indignity of suppression with a lobsided judiciary system.

Did not Low Thia Khiang and Chiam See Tong, the only two opposition MPs look after their wards well under the threats of no up-grading and no MRT connection. I salute the residents of these two wards for their moral courage to stand tall in an authoritarian, despotic shameful government to threaten the citizens of S'pore just because they voted for Opposition. Where is the equality and harmony to the citizens that PAP harped to us. There is no more Pledge but only Aspiration.

LKY did say in 2006 in one of his speeches, on FLOODING. He said that PAP candidates linked to ministers and PM will be able to solve any flooding not Opposition stand-alone. He said that is a fact of life!
Now what?? after three FLOODS and so damaging he said that the governments best effort are no match to Mother nature. And when the flood OVER-FLOODED S'pore.. he blames Heaven that unleashed all the fury!! and said it is an act of God !!

They are many gaffes and blunders lately, that I am ashamed to remind S'poreans. With that little integrity left for our old patriarch, we S'poreans are resigned to those years that many made the grave mistake to vote in the PAP again and again...just look at the last five years of transformation of the lives of so many deprived and suppressed S'poreans with such high COL, housing and every facet of increase, increase and increase....and the final straw was the bastardly increased of foreigners into S'pore...upsetting the whole demography of tiny S'pore's liveability and serenity.

Crowded, crowded, crowded...everywhere.

MAJULLAH SINGAPURA for the OPPOSITION to have more voices in parliament and make S'PORE a better MOTHERLAND for ALL CITIZENS.

Patrick Lee Song Juan