Sunday, August 22, 2010

Kite-Flying and Politics

'Ace Kay'..An apt analogy of kite-flying and politics. In today's world of kite-flying, you can see the most colourful and huge kites of many patterns of animals and birds, etc. Sometimes, it requires a few people to launch and hold the kites in mid-air. A joy to watch in the sky. Some countries organise kite-flying contest to compete in the design, beauty and mobility of the kites in the air...So much for kite-flying.

As in politics...the higher you soar, the stronger the gush of wind. This is where greater awareness of your politcal direction comes to 'play'. Politics as in a kite in the air, cannot let it to drift aimlessly.

Hence, all those 45 years, PAP has established the right moment, the right place and the right kite to launch into the 'vast blue sky', i.e. Singapore.
We must give credit to the transformation of a 'solid kite' battering the 'strong wind' in open height and space. Is is not easy !!

But as complacency sets in...within these last 5 years..the landscape of politics is like a 'sinking kite' without the true understanding of the citizens of S'poreans needs and sufferings.

Many a wrong decisions followed as the kite is drifting lower and lower to ground level.

At this juncture, the most befitting moments is for the Opposition..with Unity, with greater vision, with substance, with the true cause to change S'pore to an 'affordable' country (not to Mah Bow Tan's meaning of the word) for the average S'poreans, not the Elites and Super-Rich.

Many S'porean want a decent life to live harmoniously and cohesively with our small families in the midst of our friends and contemporaries.

We may not want too many FOREIGNERS in our encroached space.

Patrick Lee Song Juan