Thursday, August 12, 2010

Authoritarianism and Economic Growth

Authoritarian growth is in tune to the economy of the nation. As a nation prospers on economic success, the government and for that matter all government will execise the very power of their rule to transform and impose authoritarianism on the citizens.

In the same measure, S'pore under the power of PAP, at the beginning was a rule for the people. Focusing on nation building for the first 20 years.

As the nation picked up steam and economic growth over-rode the GNP, the ruling elites reaped the harvest of their contribution. Leaving the population gasping for their breath. PAP is no different.

National reserves and SWF build up through the years of investment and our foreign reserves put S'pore as one of a rich first world country. But all these were the citizens hard-earned CPF contributions taken off for investments in huge amount. And when returns are good...interest on CPF savings did not move up in tandem with the economy. And each yaer the minimum sum is increase in the name of helping the citizens to save for old age. Presently, withdrawal of CPF after the minimum sum is only allowed when you reached 62 years (correct me if I am wrong). No more withdrawal at 55 years. The years of hard work, sweat, blood and tears all being forcefully retained in the name of assisting our gracious retirement. The government have become everyone's National Father by default! Many citizens may not have the luxury to live to see their CPF if sickness and diseases struck them !

Adversely, when Temasek Holdings and GIC failed in a number of ventures, the authoritarian government find ways and means to increase and rob the citizens with heavier taxation on transport increase, PUB increase, petrol higher tax and increase, etc. GST will also increase when PAP is returned to power in this coming election; that bring about the absolute growth of PAP authoritarianism and hegemony.

To satisfy their big appetite for their obscene high pay, the authoritarian government will not hesitate to meet their craving by increasing the price of many commodities across the board..resulting in the escalating high cost of living (COL).

The citizens are in for a receiving end.

patrick lee song juan
(posted on S'pore Democrats and
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