Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Intellectual Supporters and the Betrayers

Bryan, at this point I have to refute your hypothesis of what you said about 'the intellectuals and the not so intellectual'. Singapore society is moulded through the years by PAP with (1) the fear factor in place, (2) the psychological indocrination even to the intellectuals that many a intellectual became tools to the PAP system.

Only in later years you find people like top civil servant Ngiam Tong Dow criticising the inaptness of the civil service and other areas of the government. Another notable critic is Tan Kin Lian, when sitting so tight on his CEO seat enjoying the luxury of NTUC life...but finally as I always say...there is no permanent in life...He was sung the Jim Reeves song: 'He'll have to go'. And go Tan Kin Lian did and the rest is history.

And there are others... Chan Heng Chee, Walter Woon, and even to a lesser degree our 'blabber boy' Vivian Balakrishnan was once strong critics of the system of PAP but 'bought over' with the promise of good high life and again the rest is history. The betrayal of one's moral conscience. But for Walter Woon, it is a case a 'ding dong affair' after stepping on some toes maybe and he is back to his NUS professorship post from Attorney General.

So what are we talking about those democratic and freedom ideals. Money and the betrayal of conscience is the only freedom of choice of each individuals. Hence, I show the greatest respect and admiration for people who joined the Opposition with a moralistic intention of true democracy and freedom for S'poreans.

The bunch of new and young invertebrate PAP MPs and ministers, most jumped on the bandwagon and rode the strong wave on a solid surf-board to easy life and big money and do you think they are fit to be of ministers calibre? The primrose path is paved for them.... Raymond Lim, Lim 'Suay Suay', 'MaBok' Tan, Lee Bee Wah(MP), Vivian Balalanlan', Lim Boon Heng, Masagos - the parliamentary secretary and maybe some others. Ministers that stood out are Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan albeit he asked parents to live in Johore Bahru, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Zainal Abidin Rasheed

MP Lily Neo -(Kevin, my dream lady) and a few other good ones are far and few, though MM LKY was once the best, due to his inability 'TO LET GO' to his son PM Lee Hsien Loong, his later year's credibility is in question.

Hence, Bryan I beg to is a game that has only one winner!
The winner has about 50 years of manipulation and psychological political warfare and the sugar-coated bitter pills which many are now 'able to realise' the significance of more opposition voices in parliament. The winner is MM LeeKuanYew!

"To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under the heaven. A time to plant, And a time to pluck what is planted' -
Ecclesiastes 3:1.2

Patrick Lee Song Juan