Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Demise of Opposition Unity

Thanks Bryan for tagging me to your write. Yes! 45 years on..with this state of affair of the Opposition, I can only call upon the Almighty above, whoever he is to help them.

I quote one of your paragraphs .."the continued and persistent fragmentation of the opposition due to their different party ideologies and strategies and the inflated egos and self-serving idiosyncrasies of the party leaders." -unquote. Well said and you hit the nail right through!

No two human are alike, nor are political parties. As you say, party ideologies and strategies..all parties have that and strategies too. What many parties are lacking are not so much of their party platform, but the inner composition of self-righteousness and not much room for consultative and participating communication. Each party to each his own...that to use your words 'continued and persistent fragmentation'.

Total lack of cohesiveness is seen when the recent NSP brushed with the law. Did any party came out to support NSP apart from only SDP.
And when SDP held protest and assembly..did any other parties joined force for 'people power?' A big NO! Hence SDP is always seen as the protagonist.

To quote your (stylist and candid paragraph) on the state of current affairs of the opposition...I quote: "So as we celebrate yet another National Day, a survey of the Opposition landscape reveals one fraught with pronounced fissure lines - lines of intra-party infighting and inter-party bickering." - unquote. My feelings is mutual. It boils down to power struggle and control. Nothing beats the 'inflated egos' of politicians who lack awareness and wisdom of what Unity and Cohesion is in such precarious and defeating weak opposition.

It is all self-serving without self-sacrifice but personal agenda only one's conscience will digest albeit with self-deception.

Patrick Lee Song Juan